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Mix Up Your Training

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.14.00.pngWe all want to get the most out of our training, but some days it’s harder to train than others.

There will be times where you don’t want to get back on the treadmill or pick up those weights again – and you know what? That’s okay.

When I have days like that I just try to get the most out of each session that I can.

Mix It Up

When I’ve accepted that my training for the day isn’t going to go to plan, then I suddenly feel much better. I can finally make a new plan and be productive.

If I’m in the gym when this happens, I’ll sit on the bike or have a slow jog on the treadmill just while I think about what I want to do next – and then I play.

Yes, I play. I choose exercises that I love to do, or haven’t done in a while. I’ll have the most random session ever, but at least I’ve done something. I might skip and then deadlift. Why not?!

I quite often find that as I get through my session this way I end up adding more and more exercises to my list and actually have quite a long, intense work out – win!

Look At The Big Picture

We all need a little change and progression when it comes to working out, or your body will just get used to what you’re doing and you won’t feel the benefit. Make sure that you are making your workouts work for you – increase those weights, reps, time appropriate for the training you are doing.

Sometimes you might need a bigger change. I know I can get a little bored with the gym and end up running outside more and doing lighter weights at home, or I focus on resistance band training, or medicine ball exercises.

Anything that keeps you interested in fitness and wanting to work out is a big plus.

Praise Yourself

If you do miss a workout or don’t work as hard as usual, be proud that you did something. Be glad that you’re sensible and you listened to your body. Sometimes you might just need to rest. You want to keep your thoughts on exercise positive.

If you need some time out, take it, relax and get ready for your next challenge 😀

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