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Essential Equipment For A Holiday Workout

Essential EquipmentJames and I are away from home quite often, whether we are on training courses, going to workshops, running workshops (James, not me), or having the occasional holiday.

We try as much as we can to stay somewhere near a gym or park, but of course that doesn’t always happen.

So we have now started to take a few bits of equipment with us so that we can train no matter where we are!

My Travel Bits


Okay, so trainers and gym / workout clothes might be the obvious ones to take, but if you don’t take them, you probably won’t work out. If I’m on a longer holiday, I’ll try and take less gym clothes but do a wash while I’m away.

Resistance Bands

If you know me, you’ll know that I love resistance band training. They are so great at increasing the difficulty of your workout, and they’re so dinky that they can easily be popped in to your bag. We usually take a smaller band for exercises like crab walks and scapula retraction, and a bigger band for exercises like shoulder press and cable row.

They can also be used to assist your stretches – perfect!

Skipping Rope

When we’re on holiday we love to have a very easy paced run to help us explore and see all of the sites. If we don’t have the luxury of time, it’s great to find a small patch and bust out some skips. You can also combine skipping with resistance band exercises to get more of a workout.

Tennis Ball / Spikey Ball

So tennis balls are great for throwing and catching games, but they are also so great for helping release any tension or knots that have built up. I usually get really tight in my upper back from travelling so I love taking a ball with me to help.

I’ve fallen in love with my spikey ball which pokes you just that little bit more, but a tennis ball will also work wonders.

Bodyweight Workouts

There are so many great exercise you can do with just your bodyweight. My favourite exercises are squats, planks, press ups and burpees. Yes, I’ve somehow grown to love burpees!


If you want to workout while you’re on holiday, then that’s great! It’s also super important to give yourself rest time, so if you don’t want to workout on holiday, that’s okay too!

What are your favourite exercises to do on holiday? 😀

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